Friday, May 7, 2010

6th Anniversary

Last Saturday, May 1st, was our 6th Anniversary. Yeah! It has gone by so fast and we have been so blessed. Brandon is the best husband and father any girl could hope for. Brandon planned a little get-away for the big day. My parents were nice enough to have Ty for the night and we went to stay at Hermosa Inn on Camelback. I had never heard of it, although I am told from others it is famous. It is a small "boutique hideaway," only 34 casitas. Brandon wanted to go somewhere different and quiet. It was absolutely beautiful. There were tons of gorgeous flowers. Friday afternoon when we got there we went to the pool and relaxed and read. Brandon was brave enough to swim...I just went in the hot-tub because of course I was cold. Here are some pics of our casita.
That night we got dressed up and went to Lon's (at the Inn) for a wonderful dinner. Of course I had to have my fave creme brulee for dessert. Picture courtesy of the camera timer.When we got back to our room the lights were dim and there was music playing and there were candles and rose petals all over. A bubble bath was drawn and there were chocolate covered strawberries and other chocolates. Yum! It was so beautiful and romantic.
In the morning we got breakfast brought to our room and then we went on a walk in the surrounding neighborhoods around Camelback. These people are loaded...they were mansions! It was a lovely day and we would have loved to stay longer...but needed to go get our precious bub. Thanks for the awesome anniversary hon. You are the best!


Emily Brooke said...

So precious! You seriously got the best man Brit!!

Mary said...

Happy Anniversary! I forgot that we got married on the exact same day. 6 years has really flown by!