Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sugar and Spice

and Everything what we hope our little girl is made of! There she is!
I thought it might be a girl when I saw her legs nicely crossed. Ty sure never did that in his ultrasounds. :) But I kept asking the ultrasound tech if she was sure it was a girl and she had no doubt. I just think it's amazing the things they can see so I thought I would show off her perfect vertebrae.
Brandon seems more excited than me to have a little girl! I am definitely excited, but now I keep thinking of all of the stuff we have to get and more preparations we have to do...and all of the money it will cost. :) The other good thing is she was just average size (at least right now) instead of huge like her brother!

Friday, March 11, 2011


This is what Ty frequently says as he stands by the door. Since January the weather here has been so wonderful and we have tried to take advantage of it. We play with friends outside and go for family walks. Here is Ty pushing his friend Isabella.
We go to the park, feed ducks and have tried to go to the zoo at least once each month. In January we were able to take a trip there with some great friends. That is Jenelle and Blake with me; our friend Carolyn was with us too but had already left when we took this picture.This is Isabella and Ty mooing to the cows.This picture was taken as Ty's hat was falling into that puddle below. He was looking at a goat. At the time I chose to believe it was just water. Right after this picture was taken Ty himself fell off the fence and landed in the "water" below. Great.
We then went to pet the goats and Ty decided he had to sit down in the dirt to pet them instead of standing...thus he became muddy. Yeah again.

When we got home it became obvious that the "water" was indeed goat pee. Ty reaked (spelling?) and his pants, socks, hat and shoes had smelly, yellow pee dried on them. Fabulous!

But...we had a good time anyway. This week and next week are in the mid 80s. It is beautiful weather but can already feel hot in the sun. I am NOT at all ready for summer and so we are trying to enjoy being outdoors while we can!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


So in January we finally took Ty to get his first haircut. It was a long time coming. This picture was taken shortly before (we spiked it up just to see how long it was, I promise he didn't normally look like that. :)
Ty was not too happy when they put the cape on him and fussed even though his dad was holding him.

Aaahhh the magic of dum dums. He cooperated much better once he had a sucker in his hands!
Afterward he looked so much older...I guess he really is a little boy now and not a baby. Stop growing up immediately!