Friday, March 12, 2010

Friends and Fun

WARNING: long post. Well the past couple of months have been busy (as always) but also lots of fun. We will start with Blake coming to visit in February, from the freezing of Ohio, so I could finally meet her little Hugh (5 months). We took the boys to the train park, and it was Ty's first time to a park! Look at Hugh's cute smile! Wish she lived here so they could be pals.
Ty's first time on a slide and in a swing (other than an infant swing).
It was impossible to get one of both of them smiling because Ty was ready for a nap and not his usual smiley self.He was so exhausted by the park that this is what he looked like when we got home...he rarely falls asleep in the car. Looks like he needs a neck brace.

I went on a quick trip to Houston the end of February for work and then when I got home my nephew Gabe got baptized. Cannot believe he is 8!

The beginning of March Brandon and I got to go to the Suns game (thanks mom and dad for the Christmas present). We are huge Suns fans but would never be able to pay for such awesome seats! Unfortunately we somehow lost to the Jazz despite leading the entire game!Look how close we were! Love these seats!
Then I was finally able to get together with some of my dearest and oldest friends, Carolyn and Jenelle. We went to see Carolyn's adorable house that they are fixing up. We got to catch up and go for a walk in Care's awesome, cute neighborhood. We all had babies last year...Ty first in April, then Isabella (Jenelle's) 2 months later, then Aria (Carolyn's) 2 months after that! So much fun! We always talked about having babies together, but who would have thought it would actually have worked out that way?!

Jenelle and Isabella
Carolyn and Aria
Hopefully these 3 will love each other as much as their moms do so we can all play together often!

Then our good friend Tod came to stay with us for the weekend. He still lives in Provo but had interviews in California on Friday and Monday and came to see us in between. So nice of him to do all that driving! On Saturday after a fabulous breakfast made by Tod and Brandon, the boys went to the driving range. Then that afternoon we went to an A's vs Angels spring training game. The A's won (Brandon's team) and Ty did great at his first baseball game. Only cried when we poked his eye with sunscreen. Ouch! That night my mom watched Ty and we took Tod to Oregano's for dinner (and of course a pizookie) and then went to Dave and Buster's for games. Sunday was a little more mellow with church and dinner at my parents and then he had to drive back to Cali. It was great having Tod here and we are so excited for his wedding in a few short months.

So that was just the beginning of the month. Hopefully there is lots more fun to come while the whether is so perfect!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

How could anyone resist

How could anyone not want one of these little cuties? Here is a day with my little 11 month old. Here he is just waking up for the morning.
Bottle time
Bath time...he loves his ducky!
Can't imagine life without him.