Friday, May 28, 2010

Wedding Bells

I just LOVE weddings. Last weekend one of my oldest and bestest friends, Carolyn, got married in her backyard. How cute and perfect! Carolyn and Dan have the cutest baby Aria. They also have an adorable house in one of the best neighborhoods in AZ (in my opinion) and they have been super busy fixing it up and landscaping the yard. The last time I was there it was all dirt with a newly installed sprinkler system done by the multi-talented Dan. This time it was gorgeous with green grass, a fountain, flowers, trees and an arbor also built by Dan.Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen...the three of them walking down the aisle together?!
Carolyn was absolutely gorgeous! She ALWAYS is and I don't know how she was able to pull everything off. They did practically everything themselves. Hand-made invitations, food, the cake and the decorations...all that while being new parents, transforming their house, working and school. AMAZING! I was so honored to be at this very intimate ceremony and am so happy for this cute family!Can you believe that the two of them made and decorated this?!Carolyn and Aria...what a precious moment and they are both so beautiful!Jenelle, Carolyn and I...still friends after all these years!

Little Snappers

So a few weeks ago Ty started swim lessons. The baby class is called Little Snappers. So far Ty is always timid and usually cries in the beginning. But by the end he is ok and will go under water without crying. The first week it was just the two of us. Then the last few minutes of class he got super excited and started splashing around. I thought...oh, great! He is having fun! Not realizing that his dad had walked in and he was just excited to see him. This was him splashing me.
The second week Brandon swam with him while I watched...that won't happen again since it is a million degrees and humid inside this building. I about jumped into the water in my clothes! There are a few baby girls in his class who are pros. I think if he had started earlier (they can start at 6 months) he would not have been as scared. But hopefully soon he will be a little fishy since we plan on being in the pool a lot this summer.These pics were taken when he was still not too excited about the water.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Yesterday was a fabulous Mother's Day for several reasons, mostly because I LOVE being a mom to my little cutie. The day started with breakfast made by Brandon, yum! The morning could have been better if I didn't have to spend the whole time preparing my Primary lesson, but oh well. I did get a massage before church because my neck was killing me! Church was nice, especially because I got to be with the women the 3rd hour instead of Primary. Yeah! Then we got to spend the evening with my wonderful mother with dinner and dessert prepared by the boys. It was very good...they should do that way more often. :) The ultimate end to a wonderful Mother's Day was watching the Phoenix Suns sweep the Spurs in game 4! Even with one-eyed Nash we were able to dominate, woo hoo! They so deserve it! Hope all you mothers had a fabulous day!
This pic is not great but the only one we were able to snatch as we were leaving for church.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Congrats are in order for a couple of people. One for my brother Dayne, the brainiac, who just finished his MBA from Georgetown with some sort of honors. Now Emily is the only Baird child without a masters degree. Ha ha! No pressure Em, seriously. The other congrats is for Brandon who recently got a big promotion that he has been working towards. We (my family and I) are not at all surprised because he always goes above and beyond and is well-liked by everyone at work. But I am so proud of him nonetheless. He will have to travel more :( but we are so excited for this new chapter. It is totally different from what he was doing but one week down and he is figuring it out.

Friday, May 7, 2010

6th Anniversary

Last Saturday, May 1st, was our 6th Anniversary. Yeah! It has gone by so fast and we have been so blessed. Brandon is the best husband and father any girl could hope for. Brandon planned a little get-away for the big day. My parents were nice enough to have Ty for the night and we went to stay at Hermosa Inn on Camelback. I had never heard of it, although I am told from others it is famous. It is a small "boutique hideaway," only 34 casitas. Brandon wanted to go somewhere different and quiet. It was absolutely beautiful. There were tons of gorgeous flowers. Friday afternoon when we got there we went to the pool and relaxed and read. Brandon was brave enough to swim...I just went in the hot-tub because of course I was cold. Here are some pics of our casita.
That night we got dressed up and went to Lon's (at the Inn) for a wonderful dinner. Of course I had to have my fave creme brulee for dessert. Picture courtesy of the camera timer.When we got back to our room the lights were dim and there was music playing and there were candles and rose petals all over. A bubble bath was drawn and there were chocolate covered strawberries and other chocolates. Yum! It was so beautiful and romantic.
In the morning we got breakfast brought to our room and then we went on a walk in the surrounding neighborhoods around Camelback. These people are loaded...they were mansions! It was a lovely day and we would have loved to stay longer...but needed to go get our precious bub. Thanks for the awesome anniversary hon. You are the best!