Monday, October 19, 2009


Ggggrrrrrrr! As many of you probably noticed, my email was hacked into today. Let's just say that today was not a good day. Work was a zoo, and no people, you probably don't have the swine flu. And then to top it all off some jerk hacked into my email and sent everyone an email saying I was in Malaysia and needed some money. Well, I am here to let you know that unfortunately I am not in Malaysia. But if you so feel inclined you can still send me money. Just call me and I'll tell you where to send it. :) The worst part of it all is they changed my password so I cannot even access my emails which is a nightmare in and of itself. There is so much stuff in there that I need! So bottom line, do not email me until I get a new email address. Of course I won't be able to email most of you to tell you my new address since I didn't memorize your addresses. So that will be quite a chore. Hopefully tomorrow will bring better an incredible view of Bono!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

6 months!

I just love, love, love this little guy!

I cannot even believe that our little Ty is already over 6 months old! All parents say that time flies, and now I know what they mean. I want time to stand still so I can enjoy our Ty as a baby as long as possible. I want to always be able to carry him around and kiss his fabulous cheeks over and over again. Well Ty is now 19lbs 14oz and 27.5 inches long. He has dropped down to the 75-90th percentile. This is just fine by me, but his pediatrician said we are not feeding our little chunk enough calories! We had been feeding him solids twice a day but we have to bump it up to 3 times a day. Anyone who has seen Ty's rolls would be shocked to know that I have been starving him! These pictures are from his 6 month birthday (in Snowflake).

Don't mind the rash on his arm...he has the MOST sensitive skin and his eczema is hard to control sometimes.

He is just such a sweet boy. He is still a great sleeper. He already has his first 2 bottom teeth! These are sharp I might add. He can kind of sit on his own but still falls over...all those rolls get in the way. He loves to blow raspberries or spit bubbles now and loves to drink from his mom and dad's cups. He thinks he is just such a big boy now.

I just think this picture is so funny. Brandon loves it when he bites the spoon.

We feel so lucky to be Ty's parents and hope we will do a good job!

Friday, October 9, 2009

House Shopping

So through the years of living in various houses and apartments, I have come to realize that most of these living spaces have been designed by men. This has been further driven home while shopping for houses this past month. You women out there all know what I am talking about. Who designs a kitchen with one drawer? ONE DRAWER! That is what we have in our current townhouse. Where the heck are you supposed to keep all of your utensils, hand towels, washcloths, measuring cups/cooking gadgets, place mats, potholders/trivets, etc?! Same goes for pantries, small or nonexistent. So many houses don't even have pantries! Obviously these places were designed for men like my brother (before Myhoa came along) who had used his kitchen only one time...and all he needed was one drawer for his takeout menus.

Many houses are also lacking in the bathroom department...tiny bathrooms with one sink and no storage. Where are we supposed to keep all of our hair items, makeup, lotions, etc. But my number one pet peeve is all of the 4 bedroom houses that don't even have decent master closets! This is no small problem and has kept me from wanting to make offers on houses. Do you feel me? And no, the solution is not to get rid of all of my clothes and shoes as Brandon suggests (and he is dead serious).We need some more female architects out there who will think about these important things while designing the places that we live!

Little Talker

So Ty just loves talking on the phone...or at least listening to someone talk to him on the phone. He usually will get really quiet when Brandon is on the phone and listen. He gets big eyes and and reaches for the phone. The other day Brandon was getting home late (surprise, surprise). Ty was needing some attention but I was busy trying to get dinner ready and he was just not happy. So Brandon said he would talk to Ty while he drove home so I could work on dinner. Well it kept Ty happy for quite a while. Here are some pics from when I went to check on him.