Friday, August 7, 2009

Four Months

Our little baby turned 4 months old on August 3rd. We went to the doctor for his shots and found out he is 18lbs 5oz and 27 inches long! He is about 98th percentile for height and weight. Where did he come from? He is growing too fast! Here he is in a bumbo that we borrowed from a friend. We wanted to see if his thunder thighs would fit in it before we bought one. Well he barely squeezed into we will wait for the next kid before buying one I think.
Here he is during one of his favorite pastimes, taking a bath.His new trick is that he can turn all the way over and now finally pushes himself up on his arms to lift his head. Now if only he could turn back over, because now he is stuck on his belly.He is such a happy boy and we are so glad to have him in our family!