Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Snowed Out

So my parents rented a cabin for last weekend outside of Flagstaff so that we could all go up and play in the snow! We were going to go sledding and Brandon and I were going to go skiing/boarding on Saturday. Well of course the one time we are going to do this we have storms like never before. We were quite sad that the roads to Flagstaff were closed and we had to cancel our little trip. :( Instead we stayed home and got lots more done at home and lots of errands run. It was probably for the best since I was gone the weekend before and I am now leaving for New Orleans tomorrow. I have never really been to the South so I am excited to check it out. Has anybody else been there? Anything we need to see, do or eat while there?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Until we meet again...

This past weekend Ty and I went on an unexpected trip to Utah. My cousin, James Robert Price, died at the age of 23 from pneumonia and ARDS. His funeral was on Saturday and it was truly heartbreaking to watch his family bury their son and baby brother. They are so strong and know they will be together again someday. But everyone will truly miss him. Last time I saw JR was at our Thanksgiving dinner at the Village Inn. JR is the one on the right with my cousin Chip on the left.
Here he is with his family (sorry for the horrible picture)

I pray that I will never have to go through what this family has. I cannot even imagine losing a child.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We had a good and busy Christmas this year. We moved the Saturday before Christmas. Since we both had to work the beginning of the week, our house was still in boxes for Christmas and we didn't have ANY decorations. I am such a bad mom...hopefully Ty will forgive me. Ty was also sick for a couple weeks but still managed to be a happy boy despite us constantly attacking his nose which he did not appreciate.

One of our traditions is that each Christmas Eve Grandad reads the story of Jesus' birth from the New Testament while we act out the scene. Well we finally have some kids again and it was so fun to watch them act it out. We were all cracking up. Ty got to be the baby Jesus and was so good. He did not mind at all sitting in his "manger". Here we have Jack and Milly as shepherds, Corinne as Mary, Ty as Jesus and Gabe as Joseph.
This was so funny. Ty was laying on the ground drinking his bottle. But Milly, being the little mom to him that she is, came up and started feeding him. So Ty decided to take full advantage of this and just relax...why use your arms if you don't have to?! (He still has his "swaddling clothes" on).

Our family on Christmas Eve.
Christmas day

New Year's Eve

Em with her arms full.

Some of us went to my Aunt and Uncle's house to play games with all of the cousins who were in town. Always fun to be with the cousins.
As a side note. Shortly after moving into our house we realized that our heater was not working. We were without heat for almost 2wks! It was quite cold in the house despite a few space heaters (it was in the 50s inside). WAY too cold for a baby, and for me. Unfortunately, we had to replace the whole unit! A very expensive, unexpected cost. But now we should have very good heat and a/c for years to come. Here are my boys snuggling on a cold morning.



OK, so I already told you a bit about our Thanksgiving. But here are some pics. These first ones are from our fabulous Village Inn dinner. Of course we had to take pictures outside after to capture the moment.
Our fam with Grandad.
Dayne and Em.
My parents, aunts and uncles with Grandad.
Here is Ty at the family reunion talent show. His talent was just looking cute.
Cute cousins Gabe, Chase, Carson and Corinne after our 2nd Thanksgiving dinner at my parent's house.
Milly with one of her favorite people...Ty.
Messy Carson and Ty. Wonder who liked their food better?