Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We had a good and busy Christmas this year. We moved the Saturday before Christmas. Since we both had to work the beginning of the week, our house was still in boxes for Christmas and we didn't have ANY decorations. I am such a bad mom...hopefully Ty will forgive me. Ty was also sick for a couple weeks but still managed to be a happy boy despite us constantly attacking his nose which he did not appreciate.

One of our traditions is that each Christmas Eve Grandad reads the story of Jesus' birth from the New Testament while we act out the scene. Well we finally have some kids again and it was so fun to watch them act it out. We were all cracking up. Ty got to be the baby Jesus and was so good. He did not mind at all sitting in his "manger". Here we have Jack and Milly as shepherds, Corinne as Mary, Ty as Jesus and Gabe as Joseph.
This was so funny. Ty was laying on the ground drinking his bottle. But Milly, being the little mom to him that she is, came up and started feeding him. So Ty decided to take full advantage of this and just relax...why use your arms if you don't have to?! (He still has his "swaddling clothes" on).

Our family on Christmas Eve.
Christmas day

New Year's Eve

Em with her arms full.

Some of us went to my Aunt and Uncle's house to play games with all of the cousins who were in town. Always fun to be with the cousins.
As a side note. Shortly after moving into our house we realized that our heater was not working. We were without heat for almost 2wks! It was quite cold in the house despite a few space heaters (it was in the 50s inside). WAY too cold for a baby, and for me. Unfortunately, we had to replace the whole unit! A very expensive, unexpected cost. But now we should have very good heat and a/c for years to come. Here are my boys snuggling on a cold morning.


Crystal said...

Sure looks like you had some good holidays! How fun!

Question for you. My friend is having her baby in March and is worried about measuring the size of the baby. She's worried that it'll be too big and have to have a C-Section. How do you measure, or how did your doctors measure your little one when he was in the belly??

Emily Brooke said...

Ty is so dang precious. And you forgot to mention that one time that Ty threw up in Brandon's mouth...what a great Christmas.

Michelle said...

Brittany, your little Ty is such a cutie! Looks like you had a great Christmas even if you were in the middle of moving. You'll have to post pics of your house!

Mary Hoopes said...

Ty is so cute! I love that last pic of Brandon and Ty bundling up.