Sunday, May 9, 2010


Congrats are in order for a couple of people. One for my brother Dayne, the brainiac, who just finished his MBA from Georgetown with some sort of honors. Now Emily is the only Baird child without a masters degree. Ha ha! No pressure Em, seriously. The other congrats is for Brandon who recently got a big promotion that he has been working towards. We (my family and I) are not at all surprised because he always goes above and beyond and is well-liked by everyone at work. But I am so proud of him nonetheless. He will have to travel more :( but we are so excited for this new chapter. It is totally different from what he was doing but one week down and he is figuring it out.

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Emily Brooke said...

Remember how you NEVER told me he got it! YAY! The communication in this family is horrible. And thank you for pointing out the masters situation yet again. What a bunch of overachievers. I'm just trying to break the mold by getting two bachelors.