Friday, May 28, 2010

Little Snappers

So a few weeks ago Ty started swim lessons. The baby class is called Little Snappers. So far Ty is always timid and usually cries in the beginning. But by the end he is ok and will go under water without crying. The first week it was just the two of us. Then the last few minutes of class he got super excited and started splashing around. I thought...oh, great! He is having fun! Not realizing that his dad had walked in and he was just excited to see him. This was him splashing me.
The second week Brandon swam with him while I watched...that won't happen again since it is a million degrees and humid inside this building. I about jumped into the water in my clothes! There are a few baby girls in his class who are pros. I think if he had started earlier (they can start at 6 months) he would not have been as scared. But hopefully soon he will be a little fishy since we plan on being in the pool a lot this summer.These pics were taken when he was still not too excited about the water.

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