Sunday, April 25, 2010

Family Picnic

So one Friday night a couple of weeks ago we decided to go on a family picnic. Brandon and I have been talking about doing this forever, and we finally did. It was so much fun and we want to go again. We went to Roadrunner Park and started off by feeding the ducks. Ty thought this was fun and I remember going to this park to feed the ducks when I was little too.Next we ate our yummy picnic in the grass. We have this super cute picnic basket that someone gave us when we got married and I am ashamed to say that we have NEVER used it. Like I said, we have been meaning to go on a picnic forever.
This little guy loves his daddy!
I just think this picture is funny...esp because a minute before some guy walked by and commented on how we had champagne for our nice evening. And then there is Ty with the bottle (of sparkling cider)
After dinner we took Ty to the playground for a little bit and went on the swing and the slide. It was beautiful weather...I was actually cold which won't surprise many of you, and it is so nice to be outside this time of year. I will be really sad when we have to stay inside everyday and abandon our walks around the neighborhood!


Anzini-Panini said...

Looks like fun! Bert John has the same shirt! :)

Emily Brooke said...

I see a goose lurking in the background...this is the park where one BIT me!