Monday, April 19, 2010


So this was Ty's second Easter...last year I believe he was 9 days old! In the morning Ty opened his Easter "basket."That afternoon Brandon and I were in charge of getting Easter all set up and food in the oven at my parents' house. They were in Utah and getting home around 4:30 and were hosting Easter dinner! This is horrible lighting but this is where we ate. Then the kids did an Easter egg hunt. Since I had hidden then eggs I got to do a hunt at the end to find all of the stuff that the kids missed!
I realized that night that we never got a family picture! So after a long day we got a family picture inside :( Not the ideal Easter pic.Wish this spring weather would last forever!

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Anzini-Panini said...

ugh! I do the same thing, I forget about the family pic and by the end of the day my hair is flat, the kids are tired and grumpy, won't look at the camera and Bert is like, get this over with.... :) Funny!!!