Friday, August 5, 2011

Ty's Room

So I still haven't taken pics of the laundry room so I decided to show you Ty's big boy room. This has taken up so much of our time and energy that our poor baby girl has a room that is still barely decorated, even though she is arriving in 3 days! Ty's new room has been our storage/scrapbook/Brandon's video game room since we moved in. I am sad I had to move all of my scrapbook stuff out. And we had to install the cabinets in the laundry room for storage so we could empty his room out. It is now transformed into a cute little boys' room. I forgot to take before pictures but here are a couple once we had already started moving everything out.
There is not much to see...lots of white and lots of stuff. There is my scrapbooking table with all of Ty's baby book stuff on it. I also wanted to finish that before Baby #2...I am not even in the ballpark of close.
 So here are some after pics. That bookshelf was a major pain. We already had is laminate and was almost a pinkish wood-tone. We added bead-board to the back and then had to do MANY coats of primer, then yellow paint, then I whitewashed it to get it a similar color to the storage bench.
 Guess I should have turned the light is not my strong suit.  As you can see we did a board and batten treatment to the walls which also was a pain... so much caulking! But we like how it turned out.
 Ty's new big boy bed.
 Ty had these letters in his nursery but I had to take them apart and redo them to match his new room.

 I made these pictures. The green one is always hanging off-kilter since when Ty goes to bed he likes to kick the wall just below it.

 The knick-knacks for the bookshelf are not complete yet.
 I got that cute Dr. Seuss printable from the ishare printables website. Love it!
I still need to finish making a magnetic board to hang plus would like to get a bean bag chair or something to put in the empty corner of the room...but we have done a lot of work.

We moved Ty into his big boy bed the very end of June. He loved his crib and had never tried to climb out, so I felt bad moving him. I was also worried that he would wake up super early and also get out of bed a million times as I hear lots of kids do. He has been great! The first night he did not want to go in it and wanted his crib. Here we are reading stories his first night.
 PS. He was not eating in bed...that was an empty container he was playing with.
  I seriously had tears when we left the room because my baby is really growing up. He didn't budge that first night and slept great. Since then he has continued to do so well. He stays in bed for the most part...has never gotten up in the middle of the night...and most of the time still waits for one of us to come get him in the morning even though he can get out on his own. We are so proud of him and how smoothly he has made this transition. Here is a picture of his first night when I snuck in later to check on him.
He is such a precious boy. The past couple of weeks he has started to call me "honey" since I guess he hears Brandon say that. It is adorable. I am going to miss this time we have had together just the 2 of us...had a meltdown last weekend realizing it was our last week before the baby. I hope he loves his sister and that he won't be too jealous!


Ashlee said...

Love the room! You guys do such a good job at all your DIY projects

Kirk and Ashley said...

So cute! Did you put toy trains on top of the boards? Love it!