Tuesday, August 16, 2011

She's here!

Hazel Jane Wheeler was born Monday August 8th at 10:02am. She is just beautiful and has been a little angel so far. Here are some pics of the momentous occasion. Here I am before surgery...don't let the smile fool you...I was very anxious and nervous.
This just makes me laugh...Brandon in his moon boots getting ready for the OR.

Hopefully this next pic won't gross too many of you out. This time around it was really cool because the OB allowed Brandon to go in front of the sterile field so he could really see what was going on and was able to take pictures during the surgery. I will spare you my insides but when they pulled Hazel out she grabbed onto the suction tube with both hands and they had to pry her off.
 Here she is with her daddy. She weighed in at only 7lbs 7oz and 19 3/4 inches long...a full 2 pounds lighter than Ty! We think she is just the tiniest thing although this is probably an average weight.
 For anyone who cares about the medical side of things...apparently the reason I carry babies the way I do is because my sacrum protrudes into me pelvis and there is no room for a baby to fit. So I always carry really high because the baby cannot get into my pelvis. Don't know why the last OB didn't notice this. Hazel's head was right up against my previous incision and the OB said had I tried labor I would have ruptured because she would have just pushed against the incision instead of the cervix. At least now we know for the future!
 Here is Ty meeting his sister for the first time! My mom was so great to have Ty while we were at the hospital and brought him to visit each day.
 Our first family picture.
 Here is our tiny thing leaving the hospital. She was a little jaundice.
 Love the pose!
 This is Ty today with her. He has been so great and sweet to her. He always asks where she is and tries to give her the pacifier and pats her head. So far we have not seen much jealousy...let's hope it stays that way.
I am still in some pain but getting a little better each day. Apparently my abdominal  muscles were split completely in half from Ty so the doctor sewed me back together (really only the bottom half because she couldn't go all the way up with the low incision). Because of this I really cannot lift anything heavier than the baby for a full 6 weeks. This is going to be very challenging with our 2 year old...but I am really going to try so I don't separate the muscles again. Thanks Brandon and mom for all of the help!


Laura said...

Yay! Congrats to you! She is just beautiful, and, if I'm not mistaken, she looks like a little blonde Ty.

Mary Hoopes said...

She is beautiful and you look amazing! I am glad that everything went fairly smoothly. Good luck these next few weeks. Congratulations to your darling family!

Courtney said...

So beautiful! Glad to hear that this delivery was much easier than last time.

Kirk and Ashley said...

Congrats!! She looks sooo much like Ty! :) Sounds like a better delivery experience! She's a cutie!

Michelle Mulcock Nelson said...

I seem to always fall behind on my blog reading. I knew you had Hazel (love the name) in August but am just now catching up on your blog. What a doll she is! I'm glad everything went pretty smoothly. Congrats!