Thursday, November 4, 2010

October Recap

So we have had a busy month! At the beginning of October I had my 10 year high school reunion! I cannot believe it has been that long. I decided to go kind of last minute. It was fun to see all of these girls...but it really wasn't a very good turnout unfortunately.
On October 3rd our little Ty turned 18 months. He is the cutest! He still wasn't walking (due to his low muscle tone) but by about 18 1/2 months he had it figured out. Yeah for me! My arms can finally get a break occasionally. :) He is just the sweetest boy. He is so friendly and has to talk to EVERYONE he the store or running down the street where he sees a neighbor. This past month he has been learning new words about every week. Some of the favorites are bye-bye, hi, ball, car, ding-dong (belly button) and uh-oh.
One weekend Ty and I went with my mom up to her house in Snowflake. My sister and her kids were already there. We went from Thurs night to Saturday night...not long enough but still fun. Here is Ty mowing the lawn. He loved this and just mowed the whole lawn. He was really trying to walk on his own then so this was the perfect toy to help him.
We also went to the pumpkin patch. I wanted to stay longer but it closes at dark. So cute! Here is Milly pulling Ty in the wagon (she still tries to be his little mom even though he weighs more than her :)

Ty was really not into getting his pictures taken...but I sure tried!Gabe, Corinne, Ty and Milly
Milly just loved that sheep!

Nana and Ty
We spend a lot of time outside in is Ty playing with popsicle sticks. Milly and Ty in the bath.

There was a major splash zone in the bathroom...they had a blast!This year we carved a pumpkin as a family. Ty mostly put the seeds back in the pumpkin when we took them out.
This picture was shortly before he started slinging all of the pumpkin guts around my kitchen and onto the recently mopped floor! That's when he was removed from the kitchen and Brandon and I finished alone.Ty was a pumpkin this year for Halloween. Brandon and I decided to dress up for once this has been too long! We went to Goodwill on half off day and came away with Dorothy and Scarecrow costumes...they are pretty ugly but were only a few bucks. Then I felt bad that Ty didn't match our theme...oh well! On Friday before Halloween we went to our ward's Trunk or Treat. Ty LOVES being outside so he had fun just wandering around in the dark.
At some point he found Piglet in a stroller and started pushing her around.On Halloween we went to my parents for our typical Sunday dinner and then did a little trick-or-treating on their street. Here is Missy with Ty, Milly the frog and Corinne the Fall princess fairy?
Ty just held a candy bar in his hand all night (nice and melted) and half of the time he would put candy back in people's bowls instead of taking from them. That's ok though because the candy was all for mom and dad. Ty didn't eat a single piece...he was content just to hold it all. I'm afraid that won't happen next year.
Then for the second half of the evening we rushed home to our neighborhood. Our neighborhood goes all out with decorations and everyone sets up tables and chairs in the driveways with food and lots of alcoholic beverages. We felt like the slackers on the block but at least made our rounds to say hi and to decline numerous drinks (don't think they ever caught on!) So glad our neighborhood is so festive! Next year we will have to step up our game.


Emily Brooke said...

I just freaked out so much. I need to see the children! SO CUTE. and how the heck have you been out of high school for 10 years?!

Michelle said...

Looks like you guys had a great Halloween! So, I have that same shirt you are wearing in the pumpkin patch pictures. Ty is such a cutie!