Friday, December 4, 2009


This refers to my state of mind as well as the events of the past few weeks. And there is much more still to come. Last week along with Thanksgiving came a huge Price reunion (my mom's fam). All of my siblings were here along with almost all of my cousins. It was a blast but left me exhausted. On Thanksgiving we had our first white trash Thanksgiving dinner at Village Inn. There were 74 of us so we really couldn't do it at someone's house. It really wasn't bad though. There were maybe a couple hundred relatives at the reunion as well. The earliest I think I went to bed was 1:30am because we were up late playing games each night and either stayed with Em at Orange Tree Resort or had to drive back to Mesa. Hopefully I will find some time to blog more about that because there are lots of cute pics.

Yesterday (Thursday) I had my 4th and final wisdom tooth removed which was such a treat (can you sense the sarcasm?) That puppy had the longest root with a little hook on the end and did not want to come out and did not want to get numb. Then last night we went to the temple lights where my mom's bells group was performing with the ASU Institute choir. It was very good and Ty was super cute all bundled up.

Tonight (Friday) our friends Sam and Ashley and their son Parker are coming to visit and stay with us for the weekend. We are excited to see them and hopefully we can find some fun things to do. I spent today cleaning because with being gone all last week for the reunion it has not been done in a couple weeks.

I just realized earlier this week that we are supposed to close on our house next Friday! Holy cow! This has crept up on me so fast and we are not ready! We have to clean the inside and then hopefully do a lot of painting and I wanted new carpet installed all before we move in. Well we have been so busy that we have not even looked into getting carpet and have not picked out paint colors! Somebody asked if we are all packed and of course I laughed since we have not even thought about packing and don't have a single box. So this weekend is out for getting anything done and next weekend I have to work! PLUS, somebody had the horrible idea to have us speak in church next week. Some mean joke. So since I have no time to write a talk I was hoping to just read a story straight from the Ensign. What!? Some teenagers do it, why can't I? I guess I will be up late Saturday night writing that after working all day. Joy. So I am starting to really freak out with everything that I need to get done not to mention Christmas is coming and at some point I have to go Christmas shopping and mail several people gifts ahead of time.

I am sure I have missed half of the things I need to do...I seriously need to make a list. I guess moving during Christmas is not the brightest idea.

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Matt and Jennae Porter said...

I can't wait to hear all about your new place!! When can we get together to celebrate your birthday? My saturdays are packed but maybe a weekday next week? I work on Mondays and Thursdays now. Happy early birthday to you!!