Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Halloween

So I waited until the last minute to get Ty a costume thinking everything would be cheaper. Well that was a bad idea because the 2 stores I went to the night before did not have one single infant costume left. Luckily for us we were able to borrow the little costume Gabe had worn when he was a babe. He was a little builder/construction dude. We went to our ward's carnival for a little while then over to my parent's house.

Sorry, this was the best pic I could get. Milly as Tink, Ty as builder, Mom as colonial woman, Corinne as princess and Gabe...well that's obvious.

Ty is still such a joy. The closest thing he got to candy were some peaches, yum!


Emily Brooke said...

Hahah I just started dying when I saw Gabe...totally awesome. I am not in the least bit surprised with his and Corinne's costumes. Ty is so cute and such a Wheeler!

Michelle said...

Brittany he is so cute! I sure miss you.