Thursday, June 18, 2009


So I thought I would make my first blog about our recent trip to California. We went to visit Brandon's mom so that she could meet Ty. It is pretty safe to say that she liked him...or maybe that she thought he was wonderful. We were flying stand-by because we used buddy passes that someone gave us. So our journey there took quite a long time. We were supposed to fly to Oakland but couldn't get on the flight. So then we found a flight going to San Francisco. Brandon called and changed our rental car to San Fran, but alas, there ended up being only one spot so we had to wait again. The next flight we found was to San Jose, so Brandon had to change our rental car again! This time we made it on. The crappy thing was that our bags went to Oakland, so once we got to San Jose we still had to drive to Oakland to get them before making our way to Turlock. Despite all of this, Ty was a great little traveler. While in California we spent time with Brandon's mom and two of his brothers - Cam and Ryan.
The boys spent a day scuba diving...but since I am Ty's food source, we stayed home and relaxed. We spent a day with our friends Kirk and Ashley and their new baby Kade. They moved from AZ for law school and we miss them tons. We went to Old Town Sacramento, and then hung out at their house. Ty loved Kade's toys. (Pictures courtesy of Ashley).

We also spent a day at Calaveras Big Trees State Park. I learned that Sequoias are the same thing as Red Woods but they are called Sequoias in the Sierra Nevadas. Who knew? I didn't. We went with Ryan and his cute girlfriend Roxy and her two boys. It was beautiful.

The best part was that Brandon got a taste of what it's like to lug around a baby on your stomach. :) Ty slept the entire time.Well those were some of the highlights of our trip. We were planning on going to Yosemite one day but ran out of time. We just BARELY made it onto our flight coming home thanks to an incompetent woman at the check-in counter. The whole plane had already boarded by the time we ran up to the gate. Brandon ended up changing Ty's diaper right there on the floor in front of all the crew waiting for us to board...classic. But we made it home and had a great time.


The Hill Family said...

Very cute Brit. I have a blog too, but I have a hard time updating it. Two kids take up a lot of my free time.

Greg said...

I love your adventures in parenthood (traveling's a blast with kids). It's great to see you blogging, hopefully we'll see each other in person sometime and get these little boys in the next Family Olympics.