Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our House - Backyard

So we have lived in our house for about 6 months now. The time has flown and I wish we had made more of the improvements that I have envisioned in my head...hopefully the next 6 months we will get more done. Anywhoo...I have never shown any pictures of our house. A few weeks ago I took some pictures of our backyard as it is I thought I would start with those. Maybe I will go room by room as each is finished? But they will probably never be truly finished in my mind. The following 3 pics are taken from near the back door standing under the patio from left to right.This is facing towards our house from the back of the yard. As you can see we still need a pool will definitely put a damper on things visually :( but is a necessary precaution. This last shot is a boring one of the side yard. There were already these 2 large yellow flowering trees (obviously the scientific name) and we added a lemon and a tangelo tree. You can see the little lemon tree in the middle in this pic.So there you have it. It is not huge but just right for us. I know Brandon would not want much more yard work than he already has anyway.


Emily Brooke said...

Tangelo!!! This makes me so happy

shell.nelson said...

Seeing the lemon and tangelo trees as well as the pool makes me miss living in Arizona. I really like the yard. I want to see inside pics too!

Fransens said...

So fun to have your own place! Citrus trees and a pool. . . Amazing! I don't know what more a girl could ask for: )