Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ten Months

I cannot believe it but our little Ty is 10 months old now! People keep asking when I am going to have another baby, and I keep thinking, what?! I just had a baby! But before I know it he will be a year old. Ty is just the best little guy. He is such a happy, pleasant baby. He weighs over 22 pounds now and has the biggest, cutest belly. He loves to eat. He loves balls, books, Baby Einstein and remote controls. I wanted to take some pics of him outside yesterday for his 10 month birthday. But he has a little cold and was not feeling great, so I got about one picture before he let me know that it was not the day for a photo shoot. :(
He is definitely layed back like his dad. He is still not standing or crawling...he just takes his sweet time. He thinks his legs are just there for decoration. He does, however, scoot backward. Here he is last week after backing himself into the wall. Now he is stuck there.
We are so blessed to have Ty in our family. He is so social and friendly...smiles and talks to strangers. He waves and claps. His doctor is very impressed with his social skills. So I guess at least he will be good at making friends even if his mom has to carry him around forever. :)


~Crystal~ said...

What a handsome guy! I love that he scoots backwards, how funny!

Laura said...

Brittany, Ty is so cute! I love the chubbiness and that picture of his sad face is precious. I love staying updated.

Mary Hoopes said...

Ty is adorable! I love the picture that shows off his belly!