Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thumb Sucker

Well we officially have a little thumb sucker on our hands. Of course Ty has been sucking on his hands and fingers for a while now, but around 3 months he really found his thumb. He definitely favors his left thumb but will use the right on occasion. It is absolutely adorable!
Right now that is...I am sure when he is a couple of years old I will not find it so cute. What do you think...should I try to stop this habit now before it is too late? Although it might already be too late. He has also been turning onto his left side a lot to chase his thumb since the left thumb tastes so much better. Like Zoolander, he is not an ambiturner.

Did you check out the rolls on that last picture? Pretty impressive right? This last picture is of him contemplating over Baby Einstein.
He is growing too fast!


Angelle said...

I have a very strong opinion on thumb sucking! Chase was a binki baby, and Luke a thumb sucker, so having had both let me tell you ITS SO MUCH EASIER WITH A BINKI!!!! You can control it. I always had something to try if Chase got loud and crazy (especially church). Luke will only suck his thumb when he wants to, so if he wants to be heard, then believe me he will be heard, there is nothing I can do. I miss the binki so much. Not to mention weaning from a binki was super easy, I cut the tip off of it...obviously i can't do that with a thumb. But I agree with you, there's not much you can do if your baby only wants his thumb. I tried to force a binki on Luke for months, and he never gave in. So if Ty is the same way, just enjoy how cute they look sucking their tiny thumbs. :)

Laura said...

I'm pretty sure you can't do anything about the thumb sucking. My sisters and one of my niece's are all about the thumb, and they just have to outgrow it. Granted, it may take until he's 8! Start saving for braces...